Scam Review: Brexit Money Machines – Mix of Facts and Myths

Brexit Money Machines –  Fake testimonials and no evidence for any statements about this get rich quick scheme for binary options.


Scam Review: Brexit Money Machines for Binary Options

Brexit money machines is, as the name indicates, another get-rich-quick auto-trader. I stumbled upon their site a while ago, right after the UK left the EU which as we all know became known as the ‘Brexit’. During this incident the GBP fell to levels last seen during the 80’s and is expected to fall even further. The Brexit money machine scam takes advantage of this reality and mixes facts with lies to entice you to sign up and make a deposit with their recommended and trustworthy brokers.


brexit money machines


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What is Brexit Money Machines?

The video mentions a system known as the Phoenix which will work for you as a money machine. It will take advantage of the Brexit to make money but you have to be quick, you’ve only got two years before it stops working. You’d think they’d tell us a little bit about the system but alas, all they do is provide lots, and lots, of videos of people claiming they made a lot of money and how much they love the system.

Moving on, there is nothing there about how the Phoenix works because it’s just a made-up system playing on Brexit headlines. Everything here is pretty much similar to every other scam we have reviewed before, all the hallmarks are there. We could dig deeper but honestly, the more you look, the more lies you reveal it’s really ridiculous some of the things they try to make you believe. To give you an example: above the video window you can see a number which claims the number of people watching it at the moment. With a few simple clicks I could see the actual number of viewers on that same embedded video linked from YouTube and it showed barely more than 1000 views.

You might think this is OK, testimonials and videos telling you how great the system is. You can trust people right? Sorry to burst your bubble but I have to mention that all the testimonials are fake!  My research showed, using easy to find recognition software, that one profile picture was stolen from Myspace and another from LinkedIn, names were changed and positive reviews were fabricated. There are more stolen profile pictures and lots of paid testimonials from 2 bit actors from Fiverr but I won’t waste your time showing them all.

However, here is a censured example of one of the stolen pictures:

brexit stolen pictures

To the left, Brexit testimonial. On the right, Myspace profile. Which is it, Mike or Oliver?


In conclusion, everything here is made up stories, all except for the fact that the Brexit is actually happening.  And if not, don’t let them scare you about any “limited times to take action” because the market is there and always moving and you can always make a profit but the keyword here is proper education in binary options and trading.

The Biggest Lie: Free Service? Guess Again

Did you think it was free, just because they say it is? If this is the first scam you have come across then I understand. That pitch might have gotten into your head but to get access to this software you need to make a deposit with their broker. You deposit, they make an affiliate commission so it is not free. The worst part here is that they don’t even lead you to a decent broker.


brexit 100 percent free
Uhmm… I thought you said free?

The broker I got redirected to was CFD Stocks. I have read about this broker working with other get-rich-quick robots before and it’s not surprising that they work with this scam too.
I must mention that the video also lies about quick and same-day withdrawals when in fact, the broker’s own terms and conditions state that withdrawals take 5-7 business days.



Phoenix – Mythical Bird, War hero and Mythical Money Machines!

If you learn how to trade you can always take advantage of different market conditions no matter what is happening. Knowledge is the key to making money, trading-related or not, you can’t put your trust in schemes of make money fast machines. Don’t get blinded by the too-good-to-be-true pitches you see in the videos of this scam or similar scams like the Profit Maximizer or Your Legacy Club. Listen to the claims and look for proof and once you see the lies piling up, you know you are dealing with yet another scam! The verdict is obvious and clear to me, the Brexit money machines is a scam you should avoid!